Market Trends and Prices

Updated - 3rd December 2013

Prices fluctuate, markets change; often unforeseen factors can hit the bottom line of your business from the most unexpected quarters.

It's our job to help you plan for any eventuality and ensure that, no matter what the market trend may be, the trend in terms of your costs is always downwards.

This section enables you to keep in touch with market movements and, accordingly, assess the benefits of our working partnership. Below you will find graphs and indicative pricing for Electricity, Gas, Oil & CO2

UK Electricity

Apr 14 start 12 month Up (0.32 £/MWh) £52.85 £/MWh
Apr 14 start 24 month Up (0.39 £/MWh) £54.04 £/MWh

UK Gas

Apr 14 start 12 month Up (0.42 p/th) 67.80 p/Therm
Apr 14 start 24 month Up (0.47 p/th)





ICE Brent front month ($/bbl) - 110.86 (Down $0.35/bbl)


EU Allowance SPOT (EUR/tonne of CO2) - 4.53 (Up 0.05 EUR/tonne)

NB. Price changes shown reflect the weekly market movement

(last updated 3rd December 2013 12:39)